The Peripheral Project

What surrounds us affects us – in our choices and in our relationship to objects, places and people.

The Peripheral Project is working with experiences on the threshold of our attention, focusing on the peripheral of our senses – to construct rooms, choreographies and soundscapes based on the peripheral perception of an audience. The project was developed in a residency at Dansens Hus and was also featured in a presentation at KIOSK during Stockholm Design Week 2016.

The Peripheral Project is initiated and run by choreographer and dancer Tove Skeidsvoll. The ideas has been developed together with experience designer Josefin Vargö, designer John Astbury, composer Johannes Burström, head of school of architecture in Portsmouth Oren Lieberman, professor artistic practises Cecilia Roos and dancers Anna Ehnberg and Moa Westerlund.

During KIOSK our attention was the currency of the day and depending on how much you invested, the experience would differ. Inside the actual kiosk and it’s surrounding area with Södra Teatern foajé and the designstudio Playful, you could find a selection of possibilities and interactions, created and adapted for the occasion and the area of Mosebacke torg.