In my own name and in collaborations with other creators I work as a dancer, actor and choreographer with diversity in formats, ranging from intimate performances with a very small audience to large concert productions for many thousands, combining subjects and creators from different fields. I am producing artist and I often lead and assemble teams.

A common denominator for my work is preparing for and acting within a shared moment of physical awareness and presence. This can mean going in depth into seeking out possibilities and limitations to set frames for a work, or in forehand imagining the energy-dramaturgy of a sequence, a scene or a performance.

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography, with a specialisation in Performative Practises, at Uniarts in Stockholm. I embrace ecological sustainability and care as a tools in performance and production, through Julie´s Bicycle I´m a certified Creative Climate Leader.

Interested in my work? Please contact me if you have questions or proposals for collaborations.